MISSION AND VISION - We at Khululekani Security Services CC aim to make a contribution to the National effort, which     is currently underway relative to the crime situation in our country, i.e. Crime free society  - To demonstrate efficiency, accountability and professionalism to all our clients - To provide an updated training program that adheres to present demands OUR COMMITMENT  - To provide competent, and friendly security service.  - To provide safe environment for clients  - To provide professional security at all times - To provide qualified security personnel who are accountable and serve with honesty and trust  - To strengthen the relationship between the clients and customer through our service SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES We are part of Dube and Orlando Community Policing Forum. We have worked and empowered other structures around Soweto. We have engaged ourselves in Enviromental “Keep Township Clean Campaign”. Thus participationg in Local Community Forums of doing away with illegal dumping sites. We have forwarded donation to Lusito School for mental and handicapped. We have donated to Nationwide Charity Administrators. We have also assisted in donation for burials and our staff bus is constantly utilized for the families around Soweto and Alexandra.   OUR SPECIALTIES - Undercover - Executive/VIP - Combat/Guarding - Escorting - Alarms - Investigations - Security Consultants - Horse Back Unit - Dog Unit - Security Fencing - Special Events / Event Management Security - Bicycle Patrol     © Khululekani Security Services 2012 (Designed by Just In Time Web Technologies) Khululekani Security Service is a company that offer security services in large. Some of our clients are   very large enterprises and others are smaller organizations. Each customer, however, receives the   same level of dedication and excellent service. Our company is committed to create job opportunities   to the fellow South Africans in particular those who come from disadvantage sides.  We are a non racial company and open to all races Blacks, coloureds, Indians and Whites. However   we are committed to put priority first in empowering the previously disadvantaged persons. We have  an in-house training and development establishment to develop our staff.