Undercover Service - Excellent and well trained Personnel  - They dress in civillian clothes  - They are friendly  with clients  - Don’t expose their firearms - Behave in no suspicious manner - However those security personnel are vigilant and trained to identity of spot even micro     indicator, which pose threat to security they are able to handle the situation  Executive VIP - V.I.P Protection  - This service is provided by young and enthusiastic men and women who are committed to     the protection of the above mentioned  - This includes Budy Guards Services  Guarding - This service is in use for the Industrial, Commercial i.e in companies for guarding access   control searching people, vehicles and guarding big events such ad festivals launching   Exhibitions etc.  - Guarding at the premises - Guarding with dogs - Protection of property/assets  - Protection against theft and vandalism  Electronic Devices   - Gates with remote controls and access control systems for vehicles,     personnel and visitors - Intercoms and asset tracking systems for all types of valuable assets and   equipment - Computerized Alarm Systems - Industrial and Residential - Integrated CCTV and Video surveillance systems  - Metal Detectiors  - Burglar doors, windows and we shade windows (clean shade) Investigations   - Our investigation team is always determined to utilise its expertise in cracking     down corruption   Security Consultants Services  - We assist companies in Security strategies i.e. buildings of areas and assets    protection  - Private Security  - Electronic strategies - Events Security strategies  - Events/Exhibitions Management strategies  - Mobile Security structures  Dog Units  - To give effectiveness of physical protection services i.e. patrolling the premises,      vehicle parking, attacks the intruder if the guards life is in danger, recognize      suspicious body language and also acts as deterrent Crowd Barrier Fencing - Stage demarcation - Vanue demarcation - VIP demarcation  - Queue/lines -Barricades/ Parks/ Parking Officers on Bicycles  - We have officers cycling around the car parking and any other are that     might be of threat   - Ride in teams or groups depends on threats © Khululekani Security Services 2012 (Designed by Just In Time Web Technologies)